Residential Sand Filters

1. Liner
2. Manifold Kit
3. Filter Fabric
4. Air Coil Kit
5. Pump Basin
6. Control Panel

Intermittent Sand Filters

Intermittent Sand Filters are an ideal advanced treatment solution where high groundwater, poor soils, or other site constraints rule out conventional septic systems. Tucked neatly underground, out of sight of the homeowner, pre-engineered kits from Orenco Systems use high quality, reliable components. No more shopping around, piecing together parts. Regulators appreciate the advanced level of wastewater treatment from our sand filters, which typically produce BOD and TSS of less than 5 mg/L. Contractors and installers appreciate the easy installation and helpful video. And homeowners appreciate the low system maintenance and low operating costs.

A 130-year-old technology, intermittent sand filters are approved in about 40 states, representing all climate zones, and in most of Canada. Modern intermittent sand filters use pumps, liquid level sensors, and programmable controls to evenly dose the sand media with septic tank effluent throughout the day. Orenco's engineers assist with media specifications, tank sizing criteria, application rates, dosing frequency, drainfield sizing, and maintenance requirements.