Natural Stone

There's nothing quite like the look of natural stone that has been quarried and cut to fit beautifully into your home. At Willamette Graystone, we carry a broad selection of decorative stone, such as selected river rock, fieldstone or flagstone. Our natural stone is perfect for a number of projects around the house - from stepping stones and outdoor columns to fireplaces and interior walls. Don't forget to check out our special thin natural stone designed for indoor and outdoor veneers.

Image courtesy of L&W Stone.

We poudly offer a wide variety of natural stones. Call for availability in your area:

  • Camas Gray A-Split
  • Camas Gray Squares & Rects
  • Camas Gray Thin split
  • Sandalwood
  • Black Gold
  • Montana Mossy Fieldstone
  • Montana Bitterroot Flagstone
  • Montana Bitterroot Ledgestone
  • Three Rivers® Tumbled Flagstone
  • Three Rivers® Patio Flagstone
  • Tumbled Arizona Flagstone
  • Flat Lava
  • Hazelnut Flagstone
  • Burgundy Rose Flagstone
  • Mica Slate- colors Gold, Silver, Charcoal, and Limelight
  • Rocky Mountain Quartzite Stepping Stones, natural and tumbled
  • Natural Round Stepping Stones
  • Limelight Stepping Stones
  • Oregon River Rock
  • Morgan Creek River Rock
  • Colorado River Cobbles & Skimmers
  • Petrified Seashore Tumbled Ledgestone
  • Three Rivers® Ledgestone
  • Blue Stone, Tumbled & Natural
  • Honey Ledge
  • Limelight Ledge
  • Gray Ledge
  • Three Rivers® Wall Rock
  • Three Rivers® Tumbled Wall Rock
  • Tumbled High Desert
  • Black Slate, Ungauged
  • Green Slate, Ungauged