Concrete Masonry Units

Retaining Walls

Concrete block has become the preferred building material of architects worldwide, because it is one of the safest, quietest, and most cost-effective options.

Not only is it highly fire, wind and earthquake resistant, it also repels mold, which is rapidly becoming one of the biggest problems in homes and buildings around the country.

Concrete block has unparalleled thermal properties and is highly sound absorbent, providing a 'near perfect' building material for any type of construction.

Concrete block structures are virtually maintenance free. While most other building materials require regular maintenance because they fade and peel with time, concrete block maintains its color and texture throughout its life, with negligible maintenance requirements.

When the total building cost of concrete block is compared to other building materials, it is often less, giving concrete block a much lower life-cycle cost. It is simply more cost-effective to design and build using a concrete unit masonry system.

Willamette Graystone has manufactured concrete block for more than 50 years. We remain Oregon's industry leader in quality and endurance testing.

Our concrete block, produced in a variety of colors and textures, includes split, scored and ground face or regular block. Custom colors are also available.

Whether your project is residential, commercial, or institutional, Willamette Graystone's concrete block offers endless design possibilities.